HI-LFU ADIPOLOGIE - Fat and cellulite removal - Skin Firming - Albufeira Algarve

ADIPOLOGIE High Intensity | Low Frequency | Ultrasound (HI-LFU) is the most effective aesthetic body remodeling treatments to eliminate localized fat without the need for surgery.

This type of non-invasive treatments work through high-intensity, low-frequency ultrasound to eliminate fat focused on different areas of the body. 

Its revolutionary technology allows volume loss in those areas of the body where it is more complex to act with diet and sport (holsters, flanks, thigh, obliques, lower abdomen, etc.), acting on the deepest tissues and offering visible results in a matter of 6 sessions. 

As an additional element, it should be noted that this technology promotes collagen synthesis for tissue firming. Something essential to keep in mind in the process of eliminating body fat.