At Casa da Luz Hyperbaric Spa, we offer specialized consultations to support your health and well-being. Our Hyperbaric Medicine services, led by Dra. Catia Saraiva, utilize advanced hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote healing and enhance overall wellness. This treatment can be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including chronic wounds, infections, and recovery from surgery or injury. In addition, we provide Functional Nutrition consultations with Dr. Safira Carvalho, who offers a holistic approach to nutrition. Dr. Carvalho's expertise focuses on personalized dietary strategies that address the root causes of health issues, aiming to optimize your nutrition and improve your quality of life. Her consultations consider your unique needs and help you make sustainable, health-boosting dietary choices. At Casa da Luz Hyperbaric Spa, our goal is to provide comprehensive care that supports your journey to optimal health through both cutting-edge medical treatments and holistic nutritional guidance.